Top Wedding Photography Trends of 2016

They say that a picture can say more than the words can express. Relating to that, wedding photographs are priceless memories which people cherish all of their lives. Great photographs mean that you can always remind yourself of your big day and re-live the experience once again.

Wedding photography is constantly evolving and new wedding trends are emerging each year. The following are some wedding photography trends that were very popular in 2016.

drone wedding photo

  • Drone Photography

Besides being popular with videographers, drones have become increasingly popular among wedding photographers as well. Drones with attached camera are able to catch everything from a bird’s perspective and add a special charm to any wedding photography. You can capture all kinds of images of people, objects and places which you cannot capture by just simply standing in a static spot. The bride and the groom photos can be captured from a better perspective, and the unique above shots from the wedding are always impressive for those that look at the wedding pictures.

sunflower wedding photo

  • Editorial Way Photo Shots

Every bride wants their wedding photographs to look professional like in the wedding magazines. Weddings are the best occasions for making stylish photographs because both the bride and the groom look glamorous, modern, trendy, and they both wear wedding clothes in which they feel nice and luxurious. Editorial way photo shoots is a shooting style which means using adequate lighting, paying attention to details, and making sure that the wedding photos are crisp and clean. The portraits of the wedding couple are those that will create the biggest visual impact because all eyes will be on them.

bride film photo

  • Film Photography

This trend of making film photography had a big impact to pretty much all wedding photos in 2016. Film photographers were in huge demand, because everyone loves professionally made film photographs of their weddings. Many of the photographers were booked well in advance, and this trend is expected to further grow in the upcoming year. If you are not aware of the film photography, you may ask yourself what exactly does it involve and why the wedding couples love this style? In general, film photography means using negative films and analog cameras instead of digital cameras and digitally seeing pictures on a computer screen. Analog camera films are rendering colors, lights, tones in a much different way than the digital cameras. Film photographs are softer and offer different visual appeal than the clean digital photos. They look more like they are painted than taken by a camera.

  • Black and White Photographs

This trend is closely connected with the previous one, and going for a vintage style is always popular. Weddings in a vintage style have been increasingly popular in the past year and that trend will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Many wedding couples are requesting black and white colors which reminds them on the romantic past times and old movies. It is definitely a very nice trend that is there to stay way beyond 2016.

  • Natural Photographs, Less Usage of Filters

Thanks to popular social applications like Instagram, filters for modifying photos have been increasingly popular this year. Everyone wants to experiment and try different things with filters, but as the time goes on, natural photographs are most looked for. Couples are seeking more natural look of their wedding photos with as less artificial editing as possible. That way their beauty will truly shine by doing some simple editing and simple modification of the lighting.

  • Smoke Bombs

In the past, sparklers were very popular features of wedding photography, but in 2016 smoke bombs took their place. Colored bombs have been widely used in wedding photos this year and they have additionally added to the beauty of the wedding photos. Not all couples like smoke bombs, but younger couples still prefer this feature in their photos. And a good thing is that even if you do not like the smoke bombs that can be easily edited later. You can always lower the effect of the smoke bombs and increase the effects on other things on the photograph.

These were some of the top wedding photography trends in 2016. Thinking outside of the box is the key when making wedding photography and many trends from the past seem to be getting back. Important thing to remember is to always be up to date with the latest trends and to always capture people`s emotions and their entire wedding story. The past year was very busy for almost all wedding photographers, as they worked really hard to meet all the demands of the latest trends in the wedding photography. Social media platforms are all full of all kinds of wedding portraits, so make sure you check out and compare some of the most innovative photo trends in the wedding photography.